Computer Art

As presented by Princess Science Tour here are some mastered Hollogrammatic Fractalized Random images generated and mastered with OSICommander. Enjoy the free High Resolution Prints. To purchase prints wallpaper designs letter heads clothing designs and such CONTACT osirem.

Sattelite Voctal Sattelite Voctal Sattelite Voctal Atom Bomb Voctal Proggression of Atom Bomb Voctal


Mastered Atomic Bomb Spell Voctal Images.


High Resolution Prints

Atom Bomb Voctal Proggression of Atom Bomb Voctal Proggression of Atom Bomb Voctal Mastering

Tips For Reading

Focus loosely on one spot visualize an image then change position on the same spot visualize again. When advanced at reading the viewer can see advanced visualizations including people, faces and letters.

OSIREM Forum Launched

Forum Launch

Feel free to post on the forum about any issue with osirem or its products, search for answers to questions or suggestions for groups, clans, future product ideas. The entrance to the forum can be found here.

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Art Preview