Princess Science

Promo casino Princess Science Tour travels the planet visiting the largest most popular casinos. At each we supply a sound track with OSIREM'scasino music, put on presentations of future predicting hologrammatic fractalized random, and hold a quiz. All the winnings of each group are compiled and split equally, guaranteeing an average win, take home, of 7,777 in whichever currency, for each participating member.

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Imagine being paid to play games. Thats what OSIREM's INTERPLAY is offering. When unveiled early 2013 account users are allowed to place bets on specially modified computer games adding the extra thrill of winning big payouts and prizes in real money.

So far planned is Quantum Angel boxing matches, betting on levels and points on platformers, Mario and others. Even retro classic Asteroids and such like are in the pipeline, undergoing modification as we speak.

OSIREM Forum Launched

Forum Launch

Feel free to post on the forum about any issue with osirem or its products, search for answers to questions or suggestions for groups, clans, future product ideas. The entrance to the forum can be found here.

Princess Science Casino

Princess Science Casino

Join in the fun at the vegas style casino, promoted here, over a hundred slots games, many high quality card games and of course roulette is supplied for all your gaming requirements. Challenge the house or other live users to win the jackpot of thousands.

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