OSI Games Production

Osirem Games Production not only works with Princess Science Casino to develop play for real money games for the Interplay Casino but also develops a few Massive Scale in house productions either for release to date or due for release soon.

Introducing the Quantum Angel Gaming Engine

Quantum Angel

First released back in 2006 Quantum Angel has seen many different incarnations. The general format is a 3d fighter interface, with four rolling buttons and mouse aiming, plus Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game elements. For example character development, setting skills and strengths, selecting armour and weaponry. The game uses Matrix esc. bullet time and involves use of Dragonball Z esc. energy blasts and rifles or machine pistols. One particular in-game aquired weapon is the bullet spitting chain gun. Unlimited combinations of combos, activated instantly by a semi circular press of the four movement buttons.

Get involved... Direct! The Directors of the affiliate modifications of Q.A.G.E. each recieve 50% of the mods sales, from promotion services provided, plus 40% of each sold copy of the other mods. (The author gratiously accepts 10%) Join Directors! [FORUM]

OSIREM Forum Launched

Forum Launch

Feel free to post on the forum about any issue with osirem or its products, search for answers to questions or suggestions for groups, clans, future product ideas. The entrance to the forum can be found here.

Princess Science Casino

Princess Science Casino

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